What Defines the Rob’s Message

At 17 years old, I really only wanted to do one thing; communicate the good things I was discovering in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures to others. That year,  I sat in my home in Chino, California reading my dad’s bible. I was alone, it was raining and I prayed, “Lord, I want to be your friend.” Somewhere in my past, I had heard that Abraham was a friend of God. So, I started looking for Abraham in the Bible – I didn’t know where to find the details of his life. I thought his story had to be early in the Bible and I wasn’t disappointed as I read the  headings of each chapter to find his story begin in Genesis chapter 12. I read the story of his life with Sarah, the lives of his sons, and the lives of his grandchildren, culminating for me in the incredible story of his great grandson Joseph. Joseph was sold by his 10 older brothers into slavery (something we still do to our brothers and sisters today through social, political and religious constraints). Joseph did not become bitter, but sought to be a blessing to all he served; Potiphar, the jailer, his fellow prisoners, the pharaoh and finally his own brothers. 

The story of Joseph’s forgiveness and reconciliation with his brothers became for me a story of hope for the reconciliation of the most grievous betrayals: wars, racism, bigotry, adultery, cancel culture, political differences, and every other rejection of others. I find that the forgiveness and enemy love as preached by Jesus to be the most compelling path forward for the reconciliation of all people. I define “all people” as ALL PEOPLE from every nation, kindred, culture, tribe and tongue. 

I get my greatest sense of satisfaction when I am able to clearly convey my inspiration around God’s plan for the gathering of all people into harmonious relationships. And I am most grieved with myself when I fail to live my vision for the inclusion and embrace of everyone.

I believe people are central to God’s plan for the salvation of this planet. I believe that people are the biggest challenges God faces in his plan to save this planet. Salvation will come through the creative power of words to create new realities. The power of words were manifested in Paul’s letters from prison for Jew and Gentile reconciliation and Martin Luther King Jr’s I Have a Dream speech.  Words have the power to divide, undermine and disempower or unify, create and emancipate.

I want the content on this site to be part of the solution to this planet’s woes, but want to discuss those woes through the lens of positive action, not cursing the darkness. I want to speak with grace and not with overconfidence. I have been given a mind and a voice to express myself. I hope you find the content of this site challenging and practical