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Planet Jesus explores the canyons and mountains of the Gospel of Jesus and seeks to understand how we can better apply it to make our planet reflect him better.

Planet Jesus – Canceling Cancel Culture – Ep. 21

Welcome to the Planet Jesus Podcast! This is Ep. 21 “Canceling Cancel Culture.” In this episode, I acknowledge that there are times when we need to call out bad behavior and sin. But, that can only occur from a position of relationship. Also, I address the void that exists for a person who is canceled. Cancel culture does not provide a space for people to change but rather forces war-like entrenchment in order for the one who is canceled to survive. The Christian program for addressing sin is repentance – forgiveness – reconciliation. This program creates a space for one who deserves to be canceled to be recovered into the relationship. Who doesn’t need that? Who is free from offense?

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