Behind The Voice

More About The Host

Rob Massie is a lead pastor for New Life Fellowship in Cross Plains, Tennessee. He delivers thought-provoking podcasts and social commentary on real-world issues through the lens of Christian concepts and biblical teachings to help skeptics and believers alike. Rob helps people gain a greater understanding of the societal challenges we face and the infinite possibilities that God’s domain holds for us all.  

His messages encourage unity consciousness and help people rise above the strife in our nation and the world. Rob believes in unity through diversity: His teachings are inclusive and are designed to inspire the highest and the greatest good for all.  

Rob is married to his beautiful wife, Julie who is his inspiration, rock, best friend and life partner for over thirty years. He is a father of six and a grandfather of six. During the day,  Rob is the Vice President of Information Technology at Dollar General. He has worked in the IT industry for  over 25 years, Rob is a graduate of Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business Management, attaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 2017.

Weekly podcasts done in his home office in Tennessee.